Go to the far north and see what the professor's great discovery is! 

This game was created by Ben Ehrlich and Isabel Stewart for ParserComp 2022. This was made using a custom engine called PLUGH.js that I made for this competition and will release soon!


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We have a ParserComp 2022 participation certificate that we'd like to send to you, for being part of the competition. 

If you'd like to claim it, could you please email the organisers at parsercomp@gmail.com?


Just FYI, in the play in-browser game, I can't see anything I'm typing in the text box, which is problematic  because I don't know if I've misspelled something, or if it just doesn't work. Can that be fixed?

Hi Amanda, what browser are you using and can you send a screenshot?

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I'm using Safari. I just typed "X site," and as you can see, it doesn't display that text. On a second try, it actually will display what I typed after I press enter, but not until then. I can progress, though, although this isn't optimal.

Indeed that definitely isn't optimal. I don't have a Mac, so this is difficult to fix at the moment, but I can borrow one after the long weekend and try to resolve this.